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An Introduction

Welcome to what may well become, eventually, a running commentary on whatever the hell I feel like talking about. Do you feel that? That’s excitement, sonny, and it’s damn-near palpable.

Don’t expect commentary aimed at the slack-jawed masses. This is a high-brow operation, aimed at a more refined crowd. In the long run, there may even be cutting edge game theory and analysis, as well as discussions about music. At some point, perhaps I will even incorporate art. Hopefully, we will all learn something.

I will confess to being saddened, as one of my favorite sites, the Jabbering Head of Lincoln, has been replacing with a fractured dyke which, once your dutch digit has been removed, releases a torrent of pr0n links upon its unsuspecting clicker. Sites like this make baby jesus cry, and I can’t help but wish something mindblowingly horrible would happen to the moron who inflicted this upon the masses.

Stupid quiz of the week: what role-playing stereotype are you? I am apparently a demi-god. I find this strangely reassuring.


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