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What Dr. Bartle And Dr. Kiersey Have To Say

Largely because a friend’s site made me curious, I decided to take the Bartle’s test again. The results: my Explorer stat went through the roof. That I’m high on the explorer axis has never been a big surprise. When playing Civ, I become obsessed with clearing away every square of black in the game. Anyway, here are my stats, as of now:

Your type is: EAK. 2% of respondents so far fall into that type. The numbers below represent percentage of how many times you selected a given suite when given the chance. Since there are 15 questions for each suite out of 30 total, the number will add up to 200%. 50% thus means average for each suite, and 100% is the maximum score.

Your answers were split as follows:
Explorer 93%
Achiever 40%
Killer 40%
Socializer 26%

Humorously enough, I’m marked as ‘famous’ in their database by the powers that be, from my old results. Previously, I was SEKA (60/53/46/40). Not sure what made my Socializer stat fall down the well. But it’s certainly good news, since my CEO duties for my startup require me to be cordial to all manner of oddballs!

I followed this up with the Keirsey test, which scored me as an INTJ (Introvert/iNtuition, Thinking, Judging), which according to the official site, makes me a Mastermind. I gotta say I like the sound of that. Although I’m not quite so sure I’m the all-powerful man behind the throne this summary describes. However, it will serve me well on my ongoing quest to conquer the known universe.


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