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Mirror, Mirror…

This is what happens when you only have 4 hours to make a costume for a costume party, but are too obstinate to settle for simply renting a pirate costume like everyone else. The theme of the party: fairy tales (Richard’s birthday party has a theme every year, and those without costumes are not allowed in).

Disadvantage of costume: occasional melting. Heavy frame. Inability to turn head. Being stolen as pirate booty. Constantly, ironically, needing a mirror to fix makeup. Advantages: being able to say smart-assed things when asked who the fairest one of all was. Annoying people by mimicking whatever they were doing. Melting face looked like it would have been supercool if there had been anyone around ingesting hallucinogens. Women are drawn to mirrors.

My roommate (who deserves kudos for being single and swinging me his extra invite) went as the big bad wolf, although his fairy tale included a more successful big, bad wolf, given the blood all over granny’s gown. He was the one responsible for writing “Grandma: the other white meat” on the chalkboard in the portajohn. Other notable costumes included my former programming lead, who came as the fairy godfather (complete with tommy wand), my former art lead, who came ask Truckerbell (complete with beer belly), and the family that came as Snow White and the Senators. “There was a bad cell phone connection.” Ahh.

Starr and Carly, who came as the complete, cute Raggedy Ann and Andy, were also a big hit. They are, apparently, full of stuffing, and made sure everyone knew it. They also helped their costume quite a bit by sitting on the oversized chair and kicking their legs.

Also, Richard shaved his beard to be Peter Pan. Which was, well, just plain odd. The only other time Richard has shaved his beard off since puberty, according to legend, is the time he lost a bet.

Overall, the party gets a thumbs up. It was good to see so many former coworkers again. The overall family friendly nature of the party is, I must say, quite a departure from the “Thunderdome” party from three years ago. Let’s just say that one contigent of Richard’s acquaintences either didn’t show up, or had a lot more to their costume this time around, which was good, due to the fact that Rug Rats were allowed on the premises (I actually suspect a causal relationship here).


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