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Cheap-Ass Gifts The Self-Employed Can Afford

I hope, once the human race has been wiped off of the face of the earth, This is what the aliens find. Somewhere, some linguistics degree did not go to waste.

In other news, here is the perfect father’s day gift. The best part is that if you are in a startup, crafting one of your own is fairly inexpensive to do. Which reminds my of a Christmas present I gave to my brother when we were both young. I got him a ‘Stealth Fighter” model set. You guessed it, I snapped out all the model pieces one by one and left only the empty flash racks in the box. But the coup de grace was that I used whiteout to whiteout all of the model pieces inside of the instruction manual, leaving only a book with a lot of arrows pointing out how to connect nothing into nothing.

My brother is still a very bitter man.


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