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Shape Of… A Toilet To Flush Cash Down

There’s stupid money, and then there’s stupid money. How stupid is this? The same people who brought us possibly the creepiest cgi dog ever now bring us a Wondertwins movie! Read Seanbaby’s summary of the Wonder Twins if you’ve forgotten how much they suck (his old superfriends site is possibly even better).

FAVORITE SCENE: The Rock n’ Roll Space Bandits

This was very hard to decide on since every time Wonder Twin Powers activate, you can expect a good laugh. Once they were fighting a giant monster and Jayna decided to turn into a caterpillar. Zan turned into a puddle. I know it sounds like an invincible combat manuever. It wasn’t. The monster put Jayna caterpillar in a jar, and sucked up Zan the puddle in a big eye dropper. Children everywhere said to their TV’s, “What did those dipshits expect to happen?” But even something that stupid is not my favorite scene. They were once fighting The Rock n’ Roll Space Bandits (Please trust me when I say I’m not making this up), and Zan turned into an ice satellite dish. Jayna turned into a giant lobster to hold Zan up and use him to reflect the bandits’ hypnotic rock and roll music. It didn’t work, and only made them look really ridiculous before they got hypnotized. Keep in mind that the person who wrote this was a professional writer.

More fun lawsuits for EverQuest (lawsuits are the price you pay for being the market leader in the US): Computer Games magazine reports that one David Mlodinoff is suing Verant because he got a grand mal seizure while playing. According to him, the hours of play required, when combined with the poor framerate caused by the most recent mission pack, caused his epilepsy to kick in and lie unconscious for four hours. Mlodinoff is claiming that the public at large is not warned by EverQuest can cause seizures in people with epilepsy, and that a warning label should have been evident. My response: the public at large doesn’t NEED to know, and anyone who suffers from epilepsy already SHOULD know. If he didn’t, he should be suing his doctor, not Verant. Ladder companies don’t use warning labels to warn people in wheelchairs they shouldn’t use their product. “The Dark Side of the Moon” doesn’t have a warning label saying, “Warning: if you are depressed, listening to this album may cause you to call your best friend at 3 in the morning, sobbing like a baby and threatening to swallow a hundred aspirin tablets”. At some level, if you have an illness or infirmity, you have to accept responsibility for the limitations that come with it.

Everything you need to know about Codemaster’s Dragon Empires: Piers Anthony will be providing the backstory.


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