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It Beats Being A Poodle

What kind of dog am I? A pit bull, of course.

No bones about it, you’re a commanding Pit Bull with a bite as big as your bark. Authoritative and aggressive, the power position is the only one for you � and you never have trouble making that crystal clear. A bit quick-tempered, you can be a little intimidating � though you hardly ever attack unprovoked. Taken aback by our insight? Don’t despair! You have several redeeming qualities. Very low-maintenance, you’re not one to fall victim to superficiality. You say it like it is and don’t waste time playing head games. Just make sure to keep your scowl and growl in check so people can get close enough to notice and appreciate your positive side. Woof!

Well, they sure did their best to put a positive spin on that.


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