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Hamell On Trial Is God

For lack of anything better to post, what am I listening to nowadays? Hamell on Trial. This is good folk stuff, half singing, half storytelling, with strong, enthusiastic guitar. Ed Hamell’s a genius.

When he was fifteen years old, already balding, thin, basketball frame continuously, nervously banging against a box only he could see, my friend Frank robbed a Kentucky Fried Chicken with a fork.

I used to avidly listen to Ed when he played the same open mics that I did. Ten years later, he’s playing with Ani DiFranco, and I’m playing at open mics. I don’t know if he’d consider it a compliment that I really wanted to be like him, as I was a pretty obnoxious kid. This song pretty much summed up his attitude on punk kids.

Band, band, band, band
I don’t give a fuck about your
Band, band band, band
I don’t think you really understand
You’re bland
And oh, so second hand
Man oh man oh man
Chew, chew, chew, chew
My ear off talking about
you, you, you, you
Get a buck and try to buy a clue
You ain’t oo skidoo, you ain’t even motley crue
Man, it’s sad, but true.

Truly an inspiration for the aspiring musician. If you like folk music, find one of these CDs.


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