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Magic, The Cowboys and Cyndi Lauper

What an interesting news day. First off, we have pandemonium at the Cher/Cyndi Lauper double bill. The real shocking thing about this story is that it’s so long – someone put a lot of work into this one. Second, we have the Sporting News displaying their ignorance of football. Does anyone really believe that the Cowboys are going to win anything this year? Dave Campo as coach of the year? Was this sarcasm?

Arcadian del Sol has written a good article on why Magic the Gathering should fail. I must say that I haven’t followed the whole MtG Online experience very closely, but it certainly seems like an experience that I can’t afford. In other gaming news, my former employer faces de-listing, the Dark Ages boys announce their Next Big Thing, MindArk learns that maybe having in-game items worth cash has nasty, unexpected problems related to it and someone finally figured out how to entertain women computer users for hours on end.

Eve Online has announced their ship date to be October 26th. Sounds like they feel the same pressure as Earth and Beyond (theoretical ship date: 08/19/02) does, to ship before Star Wars Galaxies (12/05/02, according to EBGames). Will any of them be out by the end of the year? Well, given that my boys are helping out the E&B team, I suppose I’ll have to root for them.

World War II Online has announced their desperate attempt to regain credibility. My prediction is that this will not be easy.


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