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Archive for July 2002

Happiness is Mac Bashing and Surviving Surgery

July 26, 2002

What makes me happy? Movies I get in my mailbox that explain why Macs suck inexplicably make me happy. What makes me less happy, of course, is Dan Savage’s unveiling of the Tighty-Whities Contest. The actual contest can be found here. For what its worth, viewing these pictures have forever cured my desire to ever […]

I Hate The Media

July 17, 2002

The things that piss you off when you can’t sleep. Why is this girl in the news? White doesn’t seem enough. Rich doesn’t seem enough. It just seems bizarre. Dozens of little girls are abducted daily. Yet, instead of us finding out about local cases, I hear about cases from Utah and California, where I […]

Unintentionally Hilarious Television

July 15, 2002

This morning, I’ve watched the most unintentionally hilarious television I’ve ever seen. Dubya was giving a speech on MSNBC. The background behind him said ‘Strengthening the Economy’, so perhaps someone finally told the White House that there’s a recession going on. Dubya was doing his best to staunch the bleeding. That was the right side […]

Random Noise

July 11, 2002

Diversions: Crazy Rabbit will amuse you. Zombo will make you ask for your 30 seconds back. This is stuck at 80. See why the WWF is just like the WWF. News: EA has announced their decision to print more money. NCSoft has announced that they are publishing Trade Wars, which has nothing in common with […]

10 Things To Hate About Neverwinter Nights

July 10, 2002

So I finished Neverwinter Nights over the weekend. It took a lot to get into it, but thankfully, I had almost interminable insomnia. This allowed me to finish it, and better yet, gave me something more entertaining to do than count ceiling fan rotations. My overall review: the single player game is good, but made […]

Baseball is Officially Broken

July 10, 2002

Steroids, okay. I dealt with that. Ridiculous inequities between teams? Okay, needs change, but I’m still a fan. But, Christ almighty, ending the all-star game with a tie – I don’t know why, but it breaks the camel’s back. The final ignomy was that, due to the fact that the game ended in a tie, […]

Isn’t This July?

July 5, 2002

I could have sworn I lived in fucking Texas.

I’m Sure Everyone Wanted To Know This One

July 3, 2002

Jack Chick= High Comedy- Emphasis on ‘High’

July 1, 2002

A new Jack Chick Tract is up. Be sure to watch for the angel with the camcorder and the highly amusing Dear John letter. And now, for those who remember the awfulness that is Jack Chick’s anti-gaming “Dark Dungeons”, I present you Dork Dungeons (thanks, I believe, to Delusion from the extinct Lum the Mad […]