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Baseball is Officially Broken

Steroids, okay. I dealt with that. Ridiculous inequities between teams? Okay, needs change, but I’m still a fan. But, Christ almighty, ending the all-star game with a tie – I don’t know why, but it breaks the camel’s back. The final ignomy was that, due to the fact that the game ended in a tie, no MVP award was given, even though it was renamed in favor of Ted Williams just yesterday.

I’m now fully in the camp of ‘everyone associated with this sport is a whining crybaby’. You’ve got 10 pitchers on a team, and you can’t cover 12 innings? Everyone’s up past their bedtime? And you aren’t getting paid enough?

Baseball needs to clean up it’s act. Get rid of the drugs. Fix the prima donna attitudes. Install a salary cap. Stop talking about contracting teams. And finish the damn games.

Oh. And to make my mood worse, who the fuck at comedy central decided to move the Daily Show to 11:30 on Tuesdays?


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