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Random Noise

Diversions: Crazy Rabbit will amuse you. Zombo will make you ask for your 30 seconds back. This is stuck at 80. See why the WWF is just like the WWF.

News: EA has announced their decision to print more money. NCSoft has announced that they are publishing Trade Wars, which has nothing in common with that game you played on BBSes 10 years ago. Nevada is trying to boost tourism. And finally, a Western MMP with Zombies is being made. And isn’t it about time?

“the female protaganist in slasher films like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre II”11. The “final girl” alone survives bloody conflict, her “phallicized body” operates as a “stand-in” vehicle for the male viewer�s repressed (never acknowledged) homoeroticism.” Overblown college theses give me heartburn


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