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Unintentionally Hilarious Television

This morning, I’ve watched the most unintentionally hilarious television I’ve ever seen. Dubya was giving a speech on MSNBC. The background behind him said ‘Strengthening the Economy’, so perhaps someone finally told the White House that there’s a recession going on. Dubya was doing his best to staunch the bleeding.

That was the right side of the screen. The left side of the screen had an up-to-the-second Dow ticker. Which dropped like a stone while he was talking.

“Interest rates are steady. Unemployment is steady. Consumer spending is up.”

Drop 5 points.

“We need greater oversight over accounting companies. We expect companies to adhere to strict ethical standards.”

Drop 10 points

Almost anti-climactically, the Dow started to rise at the end of his speech, but the Dow was still down 250 points for the day at the close. At some point, perhaps he’ll realize that this will require more than fingerpointing to fix. Or that, perhaps, he and his friends are part of the problem.


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