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Happiness is Mac Bashing and Surviving Surgery

What makes me happy? Movies I get in my mailbox that explain why Macs suck inexplicably make me happy.

What makes me less happy, of course, is Dan Savage’s unveiling of the Tighty-Whities Contest. The actual contest can be found here. For what its worth, viewing these pictures have forever cured my desire to ever be seen by a member of the opposite sex in Fruit of the Looms again. And I had no idea that there were so many variations of tighty whities and, for that matter, that underwear that was so whitebread could also be so garish at times.

In other news: I had surgery on Tuesday. I’m healthy. Coughing up unpleasant things, but other than that, healthy. The full scoop: I had surgery a year ago, and it never quite healed right, so they went back in to ‘poke around’ and take a biopsy. Hopefully I’ll know something more on Wednesday, when I go in for a followup.


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