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Demotivational Posters

August 29, 2002

Yet another Great Fark Photoshop link. Incidentally, I found this highly amusing or I would if I didn’t fear it being so close to the truth. Advertisements

Microsoft Lends Sony A Hand

August 27, 2002

It always warms my heard to see game companies helping their competitors out.

Video Game Violence and Donahue

August 20, 2002

Here’s an interesting article about being ambushed on Donahue regarding violent video games. Unfortunately, violence in the media is now a hot button issue, and it shows no signs of ceasing to be one in the near future. Best comment I’ve heard so far: If video games influcened children, kids that grew up in the […]

World’s Stupidest Criminal

August 13, 2002

This person gets my vote for World’s Stupidest Criminal. And this may scar you for life. It scarred me, but then I know the guy who plays both parts in this (NSFW).

Great Machinima

August 9, 2002

This looks like a job for me.

Farktional Movie Posters

August 7, 2002

More love from Fark: Fictional Movie Posters. Not recommended for people logging in over a modem. God, I love the internet.

Their Games Prove That They Hate Gamers, So It’s Fair

August 6, 2002

How do you know your company has a PR problem? Here’s a hint.

Happiness is Mac Bashing and Surviving Surgery

July 26, 2002

What makes me happy? Movies I get in my mailbox that explain why Macs suck inexplicably make me happy. What makes me less happy, of course, is Dan Savage’s unveiling of the Tighty-Whities Contest. The actual contest can be found here. For what its worth, viewing these pictures have forever cured my desire to ever […]

I Hate The Media

July 17, 2002

The things that piss you off when you can’t sleep. Why is this girl in the news? White doesn’t seem enough. Rich doesn’t seem enough. It just seems bizarre. Dozens of little girls are abducted daily. Yet, instead of us finding out about local cases, I hear about cases from Utah and California, where I […]

Unintentionally Hilarious Television

July 15, 2002

This morning, I’ve watched the most unintentionally hilarious television I’ve ever seen. Dubya was giving a speech on MSNBC. The background behind him said ‘Strengthening the Economy’, so perhaps someone finally told the White House that there’s a recession going on. Dubya was doing his best to staunch the bleeding. That was the right side […]