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Happiness is Mac Bashing and Surviving Surgery

July 26, 2002

What makes me happy? Movies I get in my mailbox that explain why Macs suck inexplicably make me happy. What makes me less happy, of course, is Dan Savage’s unveiling of the Tighty-Whities Contest. The actual contest can be found here. For what its worth, viewing these pictures have forever cured my desire to ever […]

Baseball is Officially Broken

July 10, 2002

Steroids, okay. I dealt with that. Ridiculous inequities between teams? Okay, needs change, but I’m still a fan. But, Christ almighty, ending the all-star game with a tie – I don’t know why, but it breaks the camel’s back. The final ignomy was that, due to the fact that the game ended in a tie, […]

I’m Sure Everyone Wanted To Know This One

July 3, 2002

Jack Chick= High Comedy- Emphasis on ‘High’

July 1, 2002

A new Jack Chick Tract is up. Be sure to watch for the angel with the camcorder and the highly amusing Dear John letter. And now, for those who remember the awfulness that is Jack Chick’s anti-gaming “Dark Dungeons”, I present you Dork Dungeons (thanks, I believe, to Delusion from the extinct Lum the Mad […]

Shape Of… A Toilet To Flush Cash Down

June 11, 2002

There’s stupid money, and then there’s stupid money. How stupid is this? The same people who brought us possibly the creepiest cgi dog ever now bring us a Wondertwins movie! Read Seanbaby’s summary of the Wonder Twins if you’ve forgotten how much they suck (his old superfriends site is possibly even better). FAVORITE SCENE: The […]

Not Big Enough of a Whiner To Be Starscream

June 11, 2002

Which Transformer am I? Prowl, apparently. Well, it’s a hell of a lot better than Optimus Prime. The non-geeky of you are just going to have to trust me on that.

That’s A Lot of Dead Kittens

June 10, 2002

More on why I love the Internet. I now hear the phrase killing kittens being used by people who never turn on a computer, much less frequent the place where it came from. I now expect it to pop up in the mainstream media as ‘cutting edge‘, long after the rest of us have gotten […]

Beats Discovering You’re A Goth Geek, I Suppose

June 10, 2002

Quiz of the week: I am an artistic geek. Sure, why not. I’ve been called worse.

Mirror, Mirror…

June 9, 2002

This is what happens when you only have 4 hours to make a costume for a costume party, but are too obstinate to settle for simply renting a pirate costume like everyone else. The theme of the party: fairy tales (Richard’s birthday party has a theme every year, and those without costumes are not allowed […]

I Am Optimus Prime – No, Really

June 7, 2002

This is a good example of why I love the internet. Stupid test of the week: I am Optimus Prime. How fucking goodie two shoes is that?